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Single Sign On link on UMC login page is crossed out


  • The hyperlink 'Single Sign On' on the Univention Management Console· login page is crossed out. It does not take the browser to the single· sign-on login page.

Possible solutions:

The hyperlink appears crossed out if the browser is unable to connect to the domain wide single sign-on server.

This server is by default available at https://ucs-sso.<domainname>/. 

  • Is the client using a UCS domain nameserver as its nameserver?
    If not, the client should be configured to use the UCS domain nameservers. This can be configured manually on each client or e.g. via a DHCP· policy.
  • Is the browser able to resolve the http URI http://ucs-sso.<domainname>?
    The single sign-on is available on this virtual host. Accessing the address with a browser should present a page with the Univention logo.
  • Is the correct SSL certificate available in the browser? Can https://ucs-sso.<domainname> be visited in the browser?
    If not,· the correct CA certificate from the ucs-overview site should be· installed, and the wrong certificate removed

  • Is the apache2 site correctly configured? Does· https://ucs-sso.<domainname>/simplesamlphp/blank.json show a small json status document in the browser?
    If not, the· following joinscripts should be re-executed on the master and all backup servers: 91univention-saml.inst,· 92univention-management-console-web-server.inst.

Tags: Login, SAML, umc

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Last update: 2016-11-15 09:50
Author: Christina Scheinig
Revision: 1.6

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