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How to use an other DNS-Server for a Subdomain

In some cases a subdomain is managed by a different nameserver then the UCS-Server. You can configurate this scenario by editing the following configfile:

In a samba4 environment you have to edit the file /etc/bind/local.conf.samba4, in a non samba4-environment the files is /etc/bind/local.conf.proxy. Add the following lines:

# add local zones here
zone "subdomain.example.com" {
        type forward;
        forwarders {;};  # use correct IP address here!

Make sure that either the UCR variables 'dns/forwarder' are set to valid external DNS servers, or the UCR variable 'dns/fakeroot' is set to false. The later causes the UCS DNS server to lookup external domain names starting at the DNS root servers (their addresses are pre-configured in the file /etc/bind/db.root). If no forwarders are configured, /etc/bind/db.root.fake is used by default (fakeroot=true), which disables the use of external DNS servers, but also prevents forward zones from working!

ucr set dns/fakeroot=false

Without any 'dns/forwarder's and an unset or disabled 'dns/fakeroot' (default==true) DNS-forwarding will not work properly.

Finally you have to restart univention-bind

service univention-bind restart

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